First Baptist Church of Paintsville
Sunday, November 18, 2018
Where everyone is someone and Jesus Christ is Lord

Young Women

Don't have a small group?  Want a place to fit in and learn about God? The Young Ladies Sunday School Class is perfect for you!  Check out what we've got going on and where we've been.  Please join us on Sunday mornings, we'd love to see you there! Call/ Text Darcy (606) 454-7296 for more information. 


Current Study:

Understanding Spiritual GiftsBy Kay Arthur David & BJ Lawson



Previous Studies:

How Do You Know God's Your Father? By Kay Arthur, David & BJ Lawson


All Christians at one point or another ask themselves, the title question.

But seriously, how do we know God is our Father? Or is there any way to know for sure.  In this Study of 1 John we will examine what the Bible has to say about the question.  Hint: We can know without a doubt whether not God is our father.  But this study will show us how.

At some point during the study you'll find yourself asking "Is God really my Father?". If he's not, it's better to find out now.  So, get your colored pencils ready; eternity hangs in the balance. 


Why Do You Believe That? By Mary Jo Sharp

Why Do You Believe that was an engaging study regarding witnessing.  What was perfect though, was that Mary Jo targeted the class specifically for women and tailored the class to their strengths and weaknesses.  It helped us understand what makes good conversations, what to AVOID in conversation, how to spot and avoid using logical fallacies in our arguements, and how to build our confidence among other things.  Missed the Study and want to study it yourself?  We have a few extra resources.  Please contact Darcy or the Church office for details.